• About us

    The locks trade along with construction business is vulnerable to world economy and geopolitics. However, the demand has never declined for those durable and inexpensive products.

    With the best production facilities in this industry, ANBO supplies fine quality locks, hinges, handles and other door hardware particularly the security and decor solution for families and industries the world over.

    For decades ANBO has been working simply with its principles reading as loyalty to all partners and customers, rigidity in quality improvements, and humility which is the foundation of sustainable development for all individuals and ventures. Relentlessly creating value and success for its employees, partners and consumers, ANBO has won itself wider recognition in the industry.

    Quality Control

    Starting with market research, ANBO frames quality norm and optimize it out of development, testing and production. Equipment & molds, fixtures & gauges, procedures and controlling sheets, statistics and troubleshooting, professional team, all those are essential for assuring quality of components and processes, which form the products we all like. Pre-shipment quality control is strictly conducted according to recognized sampling plan, guaranteeing right dimension, finishing, function, dealer-user-friendly accessories and package.

    Company Culture

    Service Tenet

    “We make things different”: Friends say they supply the same quality as ANBO’s, but always we show our customers something dissimilar.
    “A safe way”: ANBO is an icon of safety, not only for customers and partners, but also for the humble staff working away.
    “We are always here”: binding itself to the products and service, ANBO dedicates to making a simple and pleasant business with customers and partners, and develops together with other participants in the industry.

    Perspective on Employees’ Career

    “Humble, attentive, excellence”.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    ANBO provides safe products for global users, secures the interests of partners and customers, and commits itself to creating value and success for them.
    ANBO keeps improving the employees’ welfare and extends them a safe, comfortable working environment.
    ANBO contributes to minimizing resource consumption, pollution and negative impacts to community arising from its manufacturing activities. It looks to create jobs, contributes to the local economy, and adapts the corporate behaviors to the favor of community.
    ANBO abides by laws and social moralities, develops itself in legal way and in fair competition.

    Intellectual Property

    ANBO abides by the International Intellectual Property Law.
    ANBO protects the intellectual property of our partners.
    ANBO devotes to promoting the brand of its own (anyone who informs about the infringement of ANBO brand will be rewarded).

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    803 - 804, Fortune Building, No. 359
    Hongwu South Road, Nanjing, China
    Zip code: 210002
    Tel: +86 25 86892166 / 84488380
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    - Brass Cylinders
    - Rim Locks
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    - Brass Padlocks
    - Furniture Locks
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